Why did you become a photographer?  

I’ve always loved photography. I did dark room for all 4 years of high school. When I had my first son, I was obsessed with taking pictures of him
so that I would never forget what it was like when he was small. Later on, my friend’s coworker saw some of the photos I’d taken of my kids & asked if I could photograph their wedding. After that, it kind of snowballed & hasn’t stopped since.

Tell us about your wedding 

My wedding was long overdue lol. Joking. It was very chill & just what we wanted. Since neither my husband or I enjoy being the centre of attention (we get nervous) we actually had 2 ceremonies. The first was very intimate with an officiant, our kids, immediate families & wedding party. Saying our vows with just those people present made it very special. The second ceremony was right before cocktail hour & my best friend performed it. It meant a lot for us to have him “marry us”. And since we had already said our vows just an hour or two before, we were able to relax more & really take in the energy of all our loved ones that were there to celebrate our union. Also, having my close friend & wedding planner plan our day was the BIGGEST help. She took care of everything & made sure that we not only enjoyed our day, but that it was everything we wanted. 

Being a mama – how do you balance work life? 

I have a lot of help from my parents & in-laws. When we have to shoot, I can work easily knowing that the kids are in good hands. Being a mom is my first & most important job though. So my working schedule always works around my kids. Pick ups & drop offs, extra curriculars, school trips, & anything the kids need are always my first priority.  And thankfully I’ve always worked with couples that understand that. When I’m not physically with the kids though, I try to take care of myself with hot yoga or going for a run in between editing and running the business day to day

Tell us about your experience working with wedding planners

Working with wedding planners has always been such a big help. Not only do they keep the wedding day running smoothly, but they’re great at navigating through any situation that might arise to keep couples from having to worry & keep us on point for the day also.

Top 3 favourite photo locations 

In no particular order: Aga Khan Museum, Mint Room Studios, The Guild Inn Estates

Photography tips for couples getting married

Relax! Most people worry because they’ve “never done this before”. Guess what? The majority of people out there haven’t & it’s totally okay. It’s our job to help you through it. Choose photographers that you an be yourself around. If necessary, do an engagement shoot with them to make sure that you’re in sync & that you’re vibing with each other. If you’re comfortable with your photographers, you can focus on just being yourself. And in the end, if you’re comforable & you’re just doing you, the photos will look great!

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I can capture once in a lifetime moments & memories for people. That way, they can focus on being in the moment & enjoying that. And I can focus on catching those moments for them to look back on. Also, getting to make my own schedule and being my own boss is amazing! With 3 kids, it’s definitely a luxury that not all people have.

3 things people might not know about you

1. Although, we’ve been together for 14 years,  my husband and I just recently got married this year.
2. I went to school for web development & graphic design. Design & art is a huge part of who I am, so I’m happy that I’m able to do our website & designs for the business.
3. I’m a big geek! Dinosaurs, Marvel Comics & Harry Potter play a big part in our family’s life. In fact, all 3 of my kids middle names come from superheroes lol.

How can couples book with you? 

They can send me a message via Instagram, or fill out the contact form on our website.

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